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Hilltop Children's Ministry

Hilltop Children’s Ministry is here to help children attain a heart of wisdom for both now and eternity. Helping KIDS win at life!!

Our volunteers work hard to train, equip, and love these children. We provide a safe & caring environment where children can grow up to love God.


Infant Nursery: Birth to 3 Years
The infant nursery is available from the start of worship

through the end of the service. Our volunteers are eager to

play with and nurture your little ones in our bright, cheerful nursery.


Kids Konnection: 4 Years - 2nd Grade
Kids Konnection is available from the conclusion of communion,

through the end of the service. Our wonderful volunteers teach

children simple truths with ample play time.


Children’s Church: 3rd - 6th Grade
Children’s Church also begins following communion,

through the end of the service. Children are engaged

using a variety of dramas, videos, object lessons

and teachings to make each lesson interactive and fun!


Tween Ministry: 2nd-6th Grade
Our Tweens meet on Wednesdays from 4:00-5:30 pm.

We help tweens look at real-world issues and ideas and

give them practical skills to use in everyday life.

1st week of August

9am - 12pm






Children's Ministry Coordinator

Lori has been attending Hilltop and serving our church family faithfully in countless ways since early 2007. She took on the role of Children’s Ministry Coordinator in February 2015, and she oversees the ministry to our children from 5th grade on down to infants. Lori is passionate about working with children of all ages, and she loves seeing them discover their God-given potential and purpose in life.

When she’s not at Hilltop, she enjoys coaching speech, managing her family resort, cooking, gardening, painting and designing.

Lori and her husband Kevin have two wonderful daughters, Haley (married to Auke) and Caroline.

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